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Amor Patitur Moras (Love Endures Delays)


sea & fish eagles

WHITE-TAILED SEA EAGLE (Haliaeetus Albicilla)

The Arms of the Chief and Lumsden of Innergellie both contain, as a Crest upon the helmet, an Earne or Sea Eagle. This animal can be found around the world in varied markings and sizes and a brief description of the  nown species makes for an interesting comparison of what was at one time, it is thought, just a single species, inhabiting the Indian sub-continent. This genus Halaeetus is considered, in fact, more closely related to Kites and, to a lesser extent, to Buzzards and Hawks rather than Eagles and the different species vary in size, with Sanford’s averaging 2.5 kg up to Stellar’s, which can reach 9 kg. The White Tail Sea Eagle can weigh up to 6.9 kg and the Bald Eagle up to 6.3 kg.

WHITE-TAILED SEA EAGLE (Haliaeetus Albicilla)

This is the bird, which features in the Lumsden Coats of Arms.
Found in scattered locations from Greenland, Northern Europe to North Asia, this bird has long suffered at the hands of man, but is now making a welcome recovery around Scotland and parts of England due to the  efforts of conservationists Its habitat is near large bodies of open water, both salt and fresh and require an abundant food supply and old growth trees or ample sea cliffs for nesting. An apex predator and, at times, a scavenger.
(The White Tailed Sea Eagle – photo by Christopher Műller)



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" Beware in Tyme " : a Genealogical History of Lumsden of That Ilk

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House of Lumsden - Scottish Clans, Scotland 0_edited.jpg

" Lumsdens of the North " : a Genealogical History of the Lumsden line of Conland and Medlar

by archie lumsden

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