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The original building was a 16th century keep measuring externally 43 1/2' by 26', with three storeys below the wall-head. It is ruinous and covered in ivy. An outside stair, and a W range were added in the 17th century, two storeys high with a circular tower in the SW angle, which is used as a dovecot. Only the entrance of the S building remains, with a lintel inscribed '1683'. Another stone dated 1592, (not in situ) is above the backdoor of Home Farm. "Munquhane" is mentioned in 1459, and a charter dated 1547-8 specified the "tower, fortalice and manor-house"

George Balfour was in “Munquhane” in 1459  In 1493 these Balfour lands were erected into a free barony in favour of Michael Balfour . A charter of 1547/8 specifies “the tower, fortalice, and manor-house”. The Balfours continued till the beginning of the 17th century, but in 1668 James Lumsden of Montquhanny was returned heir in these lands to his father General-Major Robert Lumsden of Montquhanny. Towards the close of the century the lands came into possession of James Crawford


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