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Lathallan House

In 1788 [1787], Major John Lumsdaine purchased the Estate of Lathallan from a Lieut. Thomas Spens. A descendant has indicated that he purchased Lathallan for his son James. Later it would be inherited by his Great Granddaughter [[Lumsdaine-35|Maud Amy, who sold it after 1881, before she went to live in Germany with Otto Paul Behr.


Major John Lumsdaine died on 4 Oct 1823. On his death his Estates of Lumsdaine, Blanerne and Innergellie in Scotland passed to his cousin Captain William Lumsdaine, and his Estate of Lathallan to his son James. The estate of Innergellie was granted a Barony by charter of 4 December 1623 from King Charles I to Major-General Sir James Lumsden. Blanerne House in Berwickshire was destroyed by fire and replaced in 1897 and was sold by the Lumsdaines in 1929.


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